Play with

A really fun exercise that helps with game of the scene, especially with escalating behaviour, character and emotions.

Two improvisers start a scene from suggestion.

Two other improvisers are off stage watching the scene. Whenever they spot something they think is fun they can say “play with…” and then say the thing they want the improvisers on stage to play with. They can do this as many times as they want.

This helps the actors on stage to see how much potential there is in each line and offer, and also helps them to find games to play within the scene.

The off stage improvisers should based their “play with” offers on what is actually happening in the scene, they aren’t just random, and they should based on what they feel would make the scene fun for the improvisers and audience.

As a variation you can also play where the on stage actors can say “play with…” and then carry on the scene, which helps them to spot fun games to play with in scenes.

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