It’s Tuesday

It’s Tuesday

This is a fantastic exercise!

Two improvisers in a scene.

The first improviser deliberately says a boring opening line without any major emotional commitment.

The second improviser reacts and responds to make that opening line matter.

They both then react and respond to that and play the scene that results.

The opening line doesn’t have to be “It’s Tuesday”, that was just the first line that inspired the game. It’s any normal almost boring line to start the scene.


It teaches people to not wait for an offer but instead act as if there is already an offer made. Even the smallest things can turn into amazing stories when we respond with It’s Tuesday energy.

It’s teaching a combination of yes and, making each other look good, reacting and commitment.


Improviser 1: I brought you this pencil.

Improviser 2: At last! I can write down the equation! I’ve been remembering it for days and was worried it would be gone!

Improviser 1: And that would be a tragedy! The world needs to know your theories your professor!

Improviser 2: And yet stuck on this desert island there has been nothing to write on. Thank you, you have saved humanity.


We think this is a Keith Johnstone game from his book Impro or Impro for Storytellers.

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