Interview Switch

Interview Switch


Staging-wise, a similar format to Pan Left. Two chairs are placed front and centre of the stage and the other players line up on the back wall. Whoever is sitting in the chair stage left is the interviewer, whoever is in the chair stage right is the expert. The interviewer gets a topic from the audience, and introduces the audience to the radio show/tv programme/podcast/book launch etc.

The interviewer interviews the expert on that subject, and at some point any of the players on the back line say “switch”. The cast rotate, with the expert joining the back line, the interviewer becoming the expert, and a new player becoming the interviewer. As they sit down they ask for a new topic from the audience.


Improviser A: “Can I get a suggestion for a topic of expertise?

Audience: “Dust”

Improviser A: Hello and welcome to “Achoo”. On this week’s episode I’m joined by Linda Sweep, the world’s foremost expert in dust. Welcome Linda. How did you get in to dust?

Improviser B: Thank you. I first became interested in dust when I was a child. I would gather it up and form small creatures out of it, which I preferred to the traditional teddy bear.

Back line: SWITCH!

Improviser C: “Can I get a new topic of expertise?”

Audience: “Locks”

Improviser C: Welcome to “The Key Thing”. Donald has kindly taken a break from changing locks to be here with us today. Donald, what’s your favourite kind of lock?

Improviser A: That’s an interesting question. There are many different types of lock. Of course you know about your Yale locks and your latch, but I’m a big fan of the old padlock.

Back line: SWITCH!

Additional Tips for Playing

  • Have different lengths of interviews; some can be really short and snappy, and others can go on for longer
  • This game is all about characters. It’s fun when the interviewer and the expert are peas in a pod, but also play around with different styles
  • The host should be the first expert
  • If there’s a character the audience loves, bring them back for a different topic!

Show Introduction

“This game is called Interview Switch. In this game we have one interviewer and one expert. Whenever a player shouts “SWITCH”, the players will rotate and we’ll get a new topic of expertise. Can I get a topic?”


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