This is one of those games that is a monster to explain but once you do it it’s fine. I think it’s called Henry because it’s a bit like a short-form version of a Harold.

5 actors sat on stage across the back of the stage, they stand up in pairs to play each scene on the stage. Let’s call the actors A, B, C, D, E.

They are given the made up name of a small town by the audience, and the population of that town. All the scenes then take place in different locations in that same made up small town.

The first scene is actors A and B, in a location within the small town given by the audience, for instance “bakers”.
The second scene is actors B and C, also with location given by audience.
3rd scene is actors C and D.
4th scene is actors D and E.
5th scene is actors E and A.

Once each location has been visited once we then start again and revisit each location, but it’s move on in time.

Then we go back around for one last round.

Each actor plays one character, but in two different locations.

1st round of scenes is about defining character and relationship in the scenes.
2nd round we escalate whatever happened in the 1st round of scenes.
3rd round we end each scene, either by making connections across scenes or resolving.


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