Fun warm up based on a London soap opera.

The group stands in a circle.

Various things are passed around the circle from person to person in order, each thing said below has a different rule attached:

‘AVE IT! – passed around from person to person with an arm swing.

OI!  – changes direction of the AVE ITs. Said while raising arms in hair.

GET OUT MY PUB! – changes to a person from on other side of circle by pointing to them.

GET INTO MY PUB! – everyone runs towards that person and has a little party.

YOU’RE NOT MY MOTHER! – the rest of the group says back “OH YES I AM”.

RICKY! – the rest of the group shouts back “WHATTTT?”

Also make up lots of your own rules!

Teaching Purpose

This connects the group and gets them thinking about the same thing. It helps people be more present. It’s also a way of introducing playing character without thinking about it. This warm up also accelerates the rate of failure, as more rules are added but nothing bad happens. You don’t stop the game you just carry on. It sets up that you’re in a place where you can mistakes.


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