Circle of Extraordinary Coincidences

Circle of Extraordinary Coincidences


Have one person do an abstract sound and motion. As soon as they do, another person goes over to them and joins in. Someone else initiates a different abstract sound and motion and a second person joins them. As soon as this starts, the first creation stops. This way, lots of strange duos pop up around the room. Now ask more people to join in with each one; two, then three until everyone is jumping on each new idea. When you like the sound of one, pause the game and stay on that group doing a sound and motion, ask them what the sound would be if it was a word. See if they can add another short sentence to define who they are and what’s happening. Try a bunch of these.

Teaching Purpose

  • It helps people be aware that you don’t have to go in with an idea, you can just build on the energy and emotion that exists.
  • It’s another peas in a pod game and a good energy raiser.


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