Oscar Winning Moment

Oscar Winning Moment


The players perform a scene from a movie title given by the audience. Each plays gets given an Oscar winning reason  e.g. “best kung fu moves, best dramatic exit”, and at some point each actor will they do their Oscar winning moment.

Teaching Purpose

Commitment. This game is great for committing to the part. It’s also good for sharing the stage as each player gets their moment. It also slows the pace a bit to focus on each player.

Additional Tips for Playing

  • It’s extra fun if the tech can underscore, particularly if it’s a dramatic monologue, slow-mo action sequence etc
  • Commit to it!


  • It can be played either with the host deciding when the Oscar-winning moment happens, or with the performers doing it spontaneously

Show Introduction

“This game is called Oscar Winning Moment. We are going to see a made up film, and each of the actors has won an Oscar for a very specific bit of the film. For example, Best Dramatic Exit, or Best Long Pause. So, could I get a suggestion of an award for this player?”

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