• flexible & fun improv practice

monday evening improv drop-in

A flexible weekly improv workout for improvisers. You can come along whenever it suits you, be that every week or just once in a while, whenever you're free and want to do some improv.

We create a safe, fun, friendly and supportive environment where improvisers are free to play and be themselves.

Each session will start with some fun warm ups and core skills like Listening, Yes And & Spontaneity before focusing on the week’s main theme. In the second half there will be a mix of fun performance games, scenes, stories and formats.

Most of all the focus will be on improvising in a fun and carefree way, getting lots of practice in, and having a laugh with improv.

This workshop is suitable for people who want to keep practicing improv on a regular basis in a flexible way.

If you haven’t done any improv or acting before it’s best to start with one of the Back To Basics workshops below, or one of our beginners improv class or beginners improv course first.

If you want to do a more thorough improv course take a look at our longer improv courses and also our longer saturday drop-in workshops.

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Day: Every Monday from 24th September 2018.

Time: 7pm – 9:30pm.

Cost: £16

Venue: Theatre Delicatessen Studios, 1st Floor, 2 Finsbury Avenue (off Whitecross Place), London, EC2M 2PP.

Tube: Liverpool Street, Moorgate or Bank.

Ages: 18+

Please note these workshops are pre-bookable only now, so that we can keep class sizes to 16 people or smaller, there will be no spaces available on the night so please book in advance below.

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Comedy show by circus jugglers

Mon 12th Nov 2018: Clowning for Improvisers

Oh my gosssshhhh this could possible be the most fun stupid workshop ever. The best bits of clowning applied to improv in a playful way. Lots of games and mucking about. Following the laugh, being funny, playing the flop, being directed by the audience and making improv as much fun as possible.

Teacher: Steve Roe.


Mon 19th Nov 2018: Listening

Taking your attention off yourself and how you are doing and putting your attention on the other person instead. Everything you need is with your scenes partner on stage. Listening to verbal, physical and emotional offers. Replacing thinking with listening. Suitable for all levels.

Teacher: Steve Roe.

Man on stage can not choose a cheerful or sad mask

Mon 26th Nov 2018: Mask

Playing with a variety of full Masks, half Masks and commedia dell’arte Masks. Putting on the Mask temporarily removes the actor’s normally projected personality and allows deeper feelings and emotions to come up and create new characters. If you want to try something different on a Monday night, this is it.

Teacher: Steve Roe.

Hoopla beginners workshop

Mon 3rd Dec 2018: Beginners / Back to Basics

Suitable for beginners. A fun light hearted introduction to a variety of improv skills like Listening, Yes And, Commitment, Character and Scenes. A fun workshop to help you get into improvising for the first time, get back into improvising, or to get back to basics.

Teacher: Steve Roe.

Star bursting boom.Comic book explosion. Vector illustration

Mon 10th Dec 2018: Spontaneity

Improvising without thinking about it and not being limited by rules or structure. Connecting to your improv impulses and going for it. Speaking and acting without thinking.

Teacher: Steve Roe.

Mon 17th Dec 2018: Christmas Fun Times!

Our last workshop before Christmas with lots of fun warm up games, some back to basics exercises and then a variety of great show games and formats to put you in good spirits for the Christmas holidays. Includes free mince pies and wine. Big old knees up at the pub afterwards too.

Teacher: Steve Roe.