Interview with Hoopla teacher Chris Mead

We had a catch up with Chris to find out about the course he created ‘Improvised Theatre with Chris Mead’ and what else he has been up to recently.

Hi Chris, can you tell us what is the Improvised Theatre course?

The improvised theatre course is for improvisers who have gone through all the improv basics and are asking themselves “what next”? Personally, I love improv which is joyful, emotionally-connected, grounded and playful – so that’s the style I’m teaching in this course. It’s nearer to theatre than sketch and although it’s always very funny, it deals with a broader scope of emotions.

What will students be learning over the 8 weeks?

We get through a lot. Group mind, trust, emotional vulnerability, playing from a place of positivity, drawing from your own life to create characters, how to find the story in your relationship, theatricality, slow-burn comedy, intimacy, silence, listening, snack foods…

What improv projects/shows are you currently working on?

We’re in the process of retooling Project2, my science fiction group, for a couple of really exciting projects (including a run of WEEKLY late shows at Hoopla Comedy Club!). I’m also enjoying visiting international festivals to teach and perform with the Maydays. On top of that, I’m administrating the Originals series for The Nursery Theatre, rehearsing for a new Harry Potter improv show and directing a show with my improv theatre company, Unmade. We’re premiering that in Sweden at the end of March and then we’re performing it for a limited run at The Nursery. I’m also doing a lot of behind the scenes work to get my podcast, YesBot, back up and running. Also sleep and eating.

Thanks Chris, have fun in Sweden!!

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