• emotional connection

emotional connection course

Get into trouble and fall in love!

The most important thing on an improv stage is your scene partner.

So logically as the only other real, living, breathing thing in the scene, your relationship to them is of the utmost importance. You can transform your improv by learning to forge an emotional connection with them.

Feel something, anything, about them – deeply, irrationally, completely and see how your scenes blossom in delightful and unfathomable ways.

This course will teach you performance grade techniques that you can use immediately to get out of your head and improvise from your heart. Whether you know your fellow improviser well or are playing with them for the first time, harness the life-changing power of caring about your scene partner.

A course inspired by the shows of TJ & Dave, Dummy and Dasiriski.

Improv that focuses on truthful emotional connection, relationships and interaction between human beings, leading to both hilarious and touching scenes.

Improv from the heart.

next available dates

Dates: Every Monday for 6 weeks from Monday 6th November 2023. SOLD OUT

Time: 7pm – 9pm.

Price: £168.

Teacher: Chris Mead.

Venue: Theatre Delicatessen Studios, 107 Leadenhall Street, EC3A 4AF.

Tube: Bank, Liverpool Street, Fenchurch Street, Aldgate.

This is an advanced course designed for people with previous long-form improv experience. You must have completed levels 1-4 before signing up for this course.

teacher Chris Mead

Chris has studied improv internationally at iO Chicago, The Annoyance Theatre in Chicago and The Hideout in Austin, Texas, as well as almost every improv school in London.

He studied theatre at Royal Holloway College and University of London.

He has performed at various improv festivals internationally including Austin Texas, Norway, Barcelona, Edinburgh Fringe and Dublin.

Chris improvises with the award winning Maydays and sci-fi group Project 2, and was previously one of the Artistic Directors of The Nursery Theatre.

He co-founded The Unmade Theatre Company, a company dedicated to improv as a theatrical art form with who he has directed many theatrical improv shows including Emotion Play, NeverFolk and The Long Weekend.

Chris is also one of our main Directors and Producers for the Hoopla House Team programme.


We’ll be covering a variety of topics and themes over the course, and also responding to the needs of the group.

  • Emotional connection.
  • Playing the relationship of the scene.
  • Intimacy.
  • Authenticity.
  • Ensemble.
  • Playing the truth of the scene.
  • Making beautiful scenes.
  • Finding moments of play.
  • Bringing yourself to the stage.
  • Comedy coming from being truthful, honest and real.
  • Stage pictures and stage craft.
  • Great acting for improvisers.
  • Discovering rather than inventing.
  • Truth in comedy.