Instruction Manual Die

Instruction Manual Die


Inspired by Storyteller Die, the players get a a suggestion of an object that wouldn’t normally come with an instruction manual. One player gives the chapter title (e.g. The History of OBJECT), and points at the players in the line. When pointed at, the players must continue what the previous player was saying. If they mess up or stutter, the audience shouts “die!” They then continue with the next chapter. Pointer can also introduce further challenges such as accents or doing the instructional manual in rhyme.


Host: Chapter 1: The History of The Pencil

Improviser A: The Pencil was invented in 1884 by Thomas Lead. He first came up with the idea when he was trying to –

Improviser C: express his feelings for Lady Thulpington, but kept stumbling over his words. He tried –

Improviser D: using a quill but the ink went all over his –

Improviser B: paper and fingers and he –

Improviser A: decided that this wouldn’t do. He grabbed a nearby chopstick and some lead and –

Improviser B: smashed them together until what we know as the pencil was born. Little did he know that –

Improviser D: that, errrrr, pens –

Audience: DIE!

Host: Chapter 2: Caring for your Pencil

Teaching Purpose

  • Always be listening

Additional Tips for Playing

  • Keep up the speed, it’s a lot more fun!
  • Accept any “DIES” with joy – it’s not a competition, you’re working together to make the audience have a fun time
  • Switch up the length of time you point at people for


Also done as Storyteller Die or Story Conductor.

Show Introduction

“This is called Instruction Manual Die. In this game the players speak when I point at them, and if I change who I’m pointing at they carry on the sentence. If they pause like this (example), stutter, or don’t continue properly then you all shout DIE! Let’s have a practice. Great! Can I get an object you wouldn’t normally have an instruction manual for?”


Adapted version of Story Conductor from Truth in Comedy.


This game is in the following categories:


Fun with Mistakes.

Short-Form Games.

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