I Love You

I love you


Two players improvise a scene and at some point in the scene they have to say I love you to each other and mean it. The scene may end at that moment or carry on.


Hubert: Would you like a tea m’Lady?
Lady Penelope: Yes please Hubert. You do look after me don’t you?
Hubert: Thank you my Lady.
Hubert goes to the back of the stage and starts making tea, looking at Lady Penelope as he does so.
Hubert: Any plans for the day m’Lady?
Lady Penelope: Yes, Charles is coming over a bit later for a spot of tennis.
Hubert: Charles?
Lady Penelope: Yes Charles, is that ok Hubert?
Hubert: Yes. I mean…yes, of course m’Lady.
Lady Penelope: Have you got something to say Hubert? You’ve been my butler for 20 years Hubert, you can tell me. Do you not like Charles?
Hubert: I do. He’s a fine young gentleman and exceedingly good at tennis and land ownership. It’s just…
Hubert drops the tea.
Lady Penelope: Hubert! You never drop tea!
Hubert: I know m’Lady. I just can’t hide it anymore. I love you!
They stand there looking stunned.
Lady Penelope: Well.
There’s a knock at the door.
Hubert: That will be Charles. I will go and let him in.
Lady Penelope: No Hubert. Charles can go and play swing ball for all I care. I love you.
Charles (shouting through letter box): Penelope darling are you in there wot?
Hubert: Fuck you Charles!

Teaching Purpose

To help players focus on relationship on stage instead of conflict or things away from each other. It helps people talk to each other about each other. Some players will really struggle with this game as there may a subconscious resistance to being emotionally vulnerable on stage, so it is important to be patient when teaching.

It’s a great exercise as it keeps people connected to each other throughout the scene.

Additional Tips for Playing

  • Saying “I love” you doesn’t have to be the end of the scene, it could come at any point in the scene.
  • Really listen to the words in the scene and allow them to have emotional impact.
  • It’s called “I love you” not “I lust you”.
  • There are different types of love. For example the love between people who have just started going out, the love between people who have been married for year, the love between parent and child, the love between soldiers in a war, the love between friends.


  • Sometimes audience members are used as volunteers to be puppeteers. If doing that always make sure audience members are thanked and made to look good.

Show Introduction

“This game is called Puppets. Two improvisers on stage are in a scenes but they can’t move until two other improvisers move them.”


Not sure, maybe Whose Line Is It Anyway or Keith Johnstone.

Hoopla courses we play this game in

Mostly in our level 3 course which is all about scenes in detail. We also cover it a bit in other course when the group needs it.


This exercise is in the following categories:

Delaying Conflict

Relationships / Talk to Each Other About Each Other


Saying How You Feel

Scene Work

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