Household Olympics

Household Olympics


The players get a suggestion of a household task. Two of the players act out that activity as if it were an Olympic sport, in extreme slow motion. The other two players commentate on the action. Can involve cheating and sabotage.


2 players stand centre stage and start warming up. The other players commentate:

“Welcome to the final of the vacuuming Olympics, it’s a very exciting day here in the arena. On the left we have Mitch Heiselberg, the American competitor who has come back to defend his medal.”

“That’s right Bob, but he’ll be facing stiff competition from the new kid on the block, Sandra Smith from Yorkshire. She’s had a strong start in the competition, and she’s looking determined to win.”

“The starting pistol has just gone off, and our competitors are reaching for their vacuums”

The 2 players mime competitive vacuuming while the commentators comment on the action. A winner can be declared.

Additional Tips for Playing

  • The miming players should do so in extreme slow motion, as it builds the tension and makes it more dramatic
  • Commentators should be clear when the competition begins, to distinguish from the warms ups/setting up the characters
  • Play around with rewinds, different angles, close ups etc


Show Introduction

“Now we’re going to play a game called Household Olympics. Two of our players are going to be miming a household task as though they’re at the Olympics of that task. The other two players will be the commentators. Can I get a suggestion of a household task please?”


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