Get the initials of someone in the audience. The players suggest titles of games using those initials. The audience vote for the title they like best, and the winning player has to invent the rules on the spot. The cast then play the game.


Host: “Can I get the initials of someone in the audience?”

Audience: “EH”

Host: Great, what is our first option?

Improviser A: “Eagle Hunters”

Host: And the next one?

Improviser B: “Empty Houses”

Host: The third suggestion?

Improviser C: “Egg Heroes”

Host: And our final choice?

Improviser D: “Ego Humbling”

Host: Ok, so now it’s up to you, the audience, to vote for which game you’d like to play. Is it “Eagle Hunters? Empty Houses? Egg Heroes? or Ego Humbling? You’ve chosen Ego Humbling! Congratulations Improviser D, would you like to explain the rules of the game?

Improviser D: Sure. In this game the improvisers compete in the Humble Brag Olympics. They must each appear humble than the other, while discussing compliments they’ve been given. Whoever is the most humble wins. Can I get a suggestion for an occupation for the players?

Show Introduction

“This is called Game-O-Matic. We’re going to create a game that has never been seen before and will never be seen again. All we need is the initials of someone in the audience. The improvisers will come up with a game based on those initials. You’ll then vote for the game you’d like to see and the improviser will have to come up with the rules on the spot.”


The Maydays did “Pitch that Show”, which was more long-form.


This exercise is in the following categories:



Short-Form Games.


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