Do You Like Your Neighbour?

Do You Like Your Neighbour?


Everyone sat on seats in a circle game with one person in the middle.

The object of the game for the person in the middle is to find a seat in the circle and therefore have someone else play in the middle.

The player in the middle goes up to someone and says “Do you like your neighbour?”.

The reply can be “Yes”; in which case they and the people either side of them switch places. The middle player should try and get into one of their places before they sit down. If they succeed, the new middle player is the person whose spot they’ve taken.

“Do you like your neighbour?” can also be answered with “No, but I do like people who…” they would finish the sentence with something true about themselves like “…have pet fish”. They and all the other people that is true for must find another spot in the circle. The middle player is trying to steal one of those spots.


  • Get to know each other.
  • Great warm up.
  • Finding out we are more similar to others than we thought!
  • Play and fun!

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