Danish Clapping

Danish Clapping


One of those games that is hard to explain in writing but if you see it played it makes sense honest!

This is played in pairs.

Stand facing your partner and clap your hands together at the same time.

Now choose from one of three positions; arms in the air, arms to the left or arms to the right.

Now clap your hands in the middle again.

The rhythm is clap, move arms, clap, move arms, etc.

You are not trying to mirror your partner but you are moving at the same time as them. Sometimes your moves will match up, sometimes they won’t.

If you happen to mirror them when you throw out your arms (i.e. their arms go up when yours do), clap as normal, then celebrate with a high 10 and say “YEAH!”, clap again and go back into throwing your arms out.


This game throws out lots of mini-mistakes, but by keeping playing the game we learn to laugh off those mini-mistakes and we find ourselves in a state of playful joy!

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