For this game you need 2 volunteers from the audience. They stand/sit at the front sides of the stage, and act as pillars for the players. 2 players do a scene, and whenever they need a word they tap one of the pillars on the shoulder. The pillars say whatever comes to them, and the players then justify why that has been said. Some words fit perfectly, others will be completely random!


Gary: Thanks for helping me fix this car, Denise.

Denise: No problem Gary, I’m glad I could (PILLAR) “help”.

Gary: I really appreciate it, you know I’m so nervous about the race tomorrow.

Denise: You shouldn’t be, you’re (PILLAR) “Batman”. The others don’t stand a chance!

Gary: I know, I’m just scared that if I don’t win I’ll also lose my (PILLAR) “cook”. He only wants to work for winners.

Denise: He does make great (PILLAR) “statues” out of chocolate. I’m sure you’ll win. Hand me the (PILLAR) “oats”.

Gary: I would never think to use oats to repair a car. You’re a genius.

Additional Tips for Playing

  • Give the pillars a chance to practice (e.g., “this morning for breakfast I had…”)
  • Repeat the word after the pillar has said it
  • Listen, and justify what has just been said
  • Remember to thank your lovely volunteers!

Show Introduction

“This is called Pillars. For this game we’re going to need two volunteers from the audience.”


This exercise is in the following categories:


Yes And.

Warm Ups.

Short-Form Games.

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