Big Booty

Big Booty


The teacher is Big Booty. From Big Booty’s left, people in the circle are numbered from 1 upwards. Everyone chants:

“Ah, yeah!

Big Booty ah yeah,

Big Booty, Big Booty, Big Booty”

It’s a call-and-response game where – when you hear your number – you repeat it back, then call someone else’s. You can clap and slap your thighs to keep in rhythm.

“Big Booty, number one”

“Number one, number five”

“Number five, number eight”

“Number eight, Big Booty” etc.

If someone misses their number, the chant is sung again and they move to the highest number to the right of Big Booty. This changes the numbers of some of the other people in the circle.

Learning Objectives

It deliberately creates an environment where mistakes are very likely, but nothing bad happens and we learn to have fun in the failure.

It’s also a commitment game, and we encourage people to go for it even when they might get something wrong.

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