Bibbidy Bibbidy Bop

Bibbidy Bibbidy Bop


One person stands in the centre of the circle. They challenge someone on the outside by saying “Bibbidy bibbidy bop”. By the time they finish this phrase, the person they are talking to should have said “Bop” or that person will now be in the middle and resume as the challenger.

The challenger can also say “Bop” to which the outsider must not respond, or they go in the middle.

Layer up these rules one at a time. The next is “James Bond 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10” by which time the person they’re challenging must be looking cool and holding a gun while the two people flanking them are Bond Girls saying “Ooh, James” and lifting one leg behind themselves.

When people mess up or are too they go into the middle. This is a celebration not a punishment, and we cheer when things go wrong.

Other commands include “Little Mermaid [count to 10]”, the reply to which is them singing “A whole new world” while the people either side hold their arms and they lean forward.

The next is “Elephant [count to 10]”, the central person puts one arm under the other and holds their nose, forming a trunk, the supporters are their ears.

When you have a few of these, get the challenger to start making them up (still counting to 10 while they are formed). Once one is made up it stays for the rest of the course!

Learning Objectives

  • Play!
  • Having fun with making mistakes. The mistakes are celebrated!
  • Being alert and in the present moment.

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