Three improvisers (can be more than three) play characters that have been best friends since they were kids. They will tell the audience about an event that happened to all three of them together and everyone can remember it and was in their right mind. Get a suggestion of what it was (when their car broke down, when they went on the scariest ride at Disneyland, when they got breakfast together, etc.). The best friends can finish each other’s sentences and the storytelling will move around a lot. At the end of the game, they should all have said about the same amount of words.



Player A: Do you two remember when our car broke down 

Player B: On holiday in Nevada 

Player C: In area 51

Player B: No one would believe us that we saw 

Player A: Aliens, who then repair our car

Player C: And they let us pay them in Cheetos and beer! 

Player B: The fly feature they added to the car was so much fun! 

Player A: Perfect way to see the Grand Canyon 

Player C: That trip was even better than the time hitchhiked with pirates!


Teaching Purpose

This game is great for learning how to build instance rapport between characters through, listening, agreement and shared fun times! Also helps players to practice endowing each other with offers and make their teammates look good! 


Additional Tips for Playing

The players should all speaker the same amount by the end of the game. If a player is struggling to add the other players should help them to join for example:

Player A: “Jim you were a superhero on that trip! When you jumped into the river and saved that puppy! Did you feel like a hero?” 

Player B: “Yes but I couldn’t believe I jumped in, the water was so cold! I just remember when I got out you guys were waiting there with a blanket and hot chocolate for me!” 

Player C: “And we all did the superhero dance”

They all start doing the superhero dance. 

Make each other look AWESOME and this game will be a lot of FUN! 


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