Ad Game

Ad Game


Five players have several tasks to complete during a scene set in an ad agency. They must agree on the name of a product, who would be the celebrity endorsing the product and make up a jingle that they can all sing along with.
The game is about high-commitment and enthusiasm.


Player A: Thanks for getting in early today we need to come up with the name for the new three in one toothbrush.
Player B: It brushes, floss’ and removes plaque could call it Tripple Treat?
Everyone: Yes! that’s great!
Player C: Or Halitosis no more?
Everyone: Yes! That’s great too!
Player D: Tag line ‘ A triple threat to bacteria is here! The Halitosis No More 2000!”
Everyone: Yes! Perfect
Player E: I know the perfect celebrity to endorse it! Simon Cowell!
Player A: YES! He has great big teeth, they will look good next to the toothbrush!
Player B: For the jingle, we could have the different sounds of the brushing.
Everyone start making brushing sounds to create a tune.
Player C: Brush, Floss, brush, Floss
Player D: Atack that plaque twice a day
Player E: And keep Halitosis far away.
Everyone: Brush, Floss, Brush, Floss, Attack that plaque twice a day, And keep Halitosis far away!
Player C: Hi I’m Simon Cowell and I love the new Halotises No More 2000! A triple threat to bacteria!


Teaching Purpose

This exercise is great for Yes And, working as a team and listening. Also a fun introduction to playing group scenes. 



This exercise is in the following categories:

Support and Teamwork

Agreement / Accepting

Yes And / Accept and Build

Making Offers


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