3 Things

3 Things


1 player (the guesser) leaves the room. Three players each get an activity, and replacements for two of the aspects. E.g. skiing, but instead of skis they are on pieces of toast, and instead of a mountain they are skiing on cheese.

When the guesser comes back in the room they have 3 minutes to work out what each player’s 3 things are. The player and guesser can only communicate by miming and talking in gobbledegook. When they think they know what the things are they join in, and then move on to the next person.

When the time is up they go through each player, and say what the activity and 2 changes were.

Additional Tips for Playing

  • If the guesser is struggling other players can jump in and help miming
  • When you think the guesser has understood the first concept make it really clear that you’re throwing that away and replacing it
  • It doesn’t matter if you have no idea, the audience will enjoy watching you try!


  • They don’t all have to be objects. You can be peeling potatoes with windmills and the potato peelings can be fear! It will blow the audience’s minds

Show Introduction

“We’re going to play a game called 3 Things. In this game one of our performers is going to exit the room. The other 3 players are all going to get an activity and change 2 aspects of it. When the performer comes back in they’ll have 3 minutes to guess all nine things, but can only communicate with mime, and speaking in gobbledegook.”


This game is in the following categories:


Movement / Physicality.

Object Work / Mime.

Short-Form Games.

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