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Next Available Dates:

Date: Saturday 27th January 2018.

Time: 11:30am - 4pm.

Price: £36.

Teacher: Steve Roe.

Venue: Theatre Delicatessen, 1st Floor, 2 Finsbury Avenue, London, EC2M 2PP.

Tube: Liverpool Street, Moorgate or Bank.

Ages: 18+


Narrative Improv Classes

Intensive one day workshop focussing on improvised narrative including storytelling skills, narrative structures and long-form scenes.

Improvise exciting captivating stories and plays from scratch using What Happens Next, Cause & Effect, Fairytale Structures, Circle of Expectation, Objectives and multiple scenes that link together.

If you haven’t done any improv or acting before it’s best to start with our Beginners Improv Course or Beginners Improv Class first.



Exact topics vary from workshop to workshop as we adapt to the group, and will include a selection of the following:

- Fun, silly and playful warm ups.

- Core improv, listening, yes and, spontaneity.  

- Being Obvious.

- Circle of Expectation.

- Yes Let's.

- What Happens Next.

- Letting Things Happen.

- Improvised Narrative. Platforms, Free-Associating, Reincorporating.

- Platforms. Where/Character/Relationship.

- Tilts. Spotting what the story is about.

- Exploring story themes.

- Making Things Important, Raising the Stakes.

- Getting to the point/action. Anti-bridging.

- The Power of Because. Cause & Effect.

- Fairytale Narrative Structure.

- Following focus.

- Objectives for Narrative.

- Spotting and Defining the Protagonist.

- Techniques to Improvise Stories.   


Then we’ll be putting it all together to have some fun improvising multi-scene stories.



Q: Who is this suitable for?

A: People who’ve done some improv or acting before and want to focus on improvising longer stories. If you haven’t done any improv or acting before it’s best to start with our Beginners Improv Course first or Beginners Improv Class.

Q: Is there a follow up to this workshop or anything similar?

A: You might also be interested in our Narrative Improv Course that goes into greater depth than the weekend workshop and has a show at the end.

Q: Have you done this course before?

A: Yes. We’ve been doing it on a regular basis for over eight years.

Q: Is there a lunch break?

A: Yes there’s a lunch break around 1:30pm and also a few smaller breaks over the day.

Q: Will you be doing it again?

A: Yes, please see dates above for confirmed dates and we’ll also announce future dates on our twitter, facebook and email list.


“If improvisation floats your boat you should head to Hoopla. There’s fewer better ways to see what spur-of-the-moment comedy London has to offer.”

The Londonist

“Great improv workshop with @hooplaimpro couldn't stop smiling from beginning until end!”


“Thank you for an awesome session this eve. Haven't laughed this much on a Monday eve for years :-)” @SarasmithsVO

“Have I mentioned that I’m Learning Improv with @hooplaimpro and it is the best thing ever? Because I am and it is.”


"The workshop was just so much fun with an amazing teacher."

Joëlle Sarrailh

“My imagination has been given a serious workout this weekend with the @hooplaimpro course.”


“The workshop is supportive and collaborative and neatly strips out the expectation and nerves that result from comedic preparation.”

The Evening Standard

The supportive atmosphere ensures that even complete beginners will have the confidence to grow their skills.”

Time Out

“This introduction to improvisation will teach the skills you'll need to master scenes, stories and sketches in a relaxed environment.

“Thanks for the workshop. All the feedback has been extremely positive! The team loved it!”

PR Manager, Comedy Central

Reviews and Testimonials:

Teacher: Steve Roe

Steve Roe is the co-founder and Director of Hoopla and has been teaching improv for over 10 years.

Steve creates a friendly, fun & supportive atmosphere in workshops where people are free to play and be themselves.

Steve has experience of teaching beginners, experienced improvisers, stand ups, drama school students and professional actors.

He has also taught improv at Imperial College London, East 15 Drama School and Oxford University, and to various corporate clients including Comedy Central, Apple, BBC and ITV.

In 2010 Steve founded the UK’s first ever improvised comedy club at The Miller in London Bridge, helping to create a vibrant community of performers and audience.

Hoopla’s Improv Comedy Club was recently recommended by Time Out, The Daily Telegraph The Evening Standard and The Londonist.

Steve has studied improv with Keith Johnstone, Charna Halpern from IO, Patti Styles from Improv Melbourne, Shawn Kinley from Loose Moose, The Annoyance, The Upright Citizens Brigade, Fooling with Jonathan Kay and Clown with Mick Barnfather.

Steve performs with Story Kitchen TheatreSports and Music Box and regularly hosts Hoopla’s nights at The Miller, as well as performing, producing and directing various groups across the London improv scene.

He continues to support countless other shows that have popped up from Hoopla workshops and is influential in growing the UK’s improv scene.