Workshop Buddies

This is a great way to form a team and encourage people to support each other in a class.

At the start of the class put people in teams of 2-3 people. They then have 2-3 minutes to come up with a new secret handshake or high 5, and then have a chat together about what they are looking forward to about the class and what brought them along.

At the end of the class they then reconnect with the same workshop buddies and repeat the handshake/high 5 and chat about what they enjoyed about the class.

This gives people a chance to learn and reflect away from the teacher.

As a variation you can also do Compliment Buddies where they are making notes on each other over the class about what makes each other great improvisers, and then at the end they compliment each other on their improv strengths.

Originally learnt at The Maydays annual improv retreat which we highly recommend.

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