Wildheart Gathering

Wildheart Gathering

Just spent the weekend with Music Box at The Wildheart Gathering (www.wildheartgathering.com) in Sussex.

Many thanks to Adam Oliver for inviting us, making us feel so welcome, and for doing such a great job of hosting the cabaret stage all weekend. Especially for being so patient when we were late arriving, had more cast than a West End Musical, and suffered various set backs.

Just before going on stage a tent pole (a large tent pole, it was a marquee) decided to fall on my girlfriend George’s head, on her birthday. This resulted in her being rather dazed and confused, before bravely coming back to perform in the show after the audience sang her Happy Birthday.

The audience was great. I was worried that being semi-outside the audience would have less focus but actually they had more, and got really into it with lots of pantomime style reactions to our characters.

It was interesting that I’d just lead a commedia character that day so employed some of the over the top physical actions from that on the stage and was pleased it went down well.

After a couple of pints of cider later that night I decided it was a good idea to do some unplanned improvised stand up on the stage, which basically involved me telling the audience about my day and making them all do impressions of deer in a field.

Well done to Jon Monkhouse too, who came all the way from London for one show, played Jamie Oliver very well in a scene, but when there were multiple Jamie Olivers stood down to play a camel for the rest of the show. It was an excellent camel, but still a very giving and unselfish thing to do.


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