What’s happenin’ at The Miller

This blog post is from 2011 or earlier and is now totally out of date! We’ve kept it here for a bit of history.

Lots of performers have been asking me so I thought I’d put some details here to help explain.

The Miller Tuesdays and Wednesdays is now going to be joint run between me, Jonathan Monkhouse, Dave Waller, Chris Werren, Rhiannon Vivian and basically anyone else who can volunteer to help out.

I’m solely responsible for booking/producing Tuesday nights, and Jon is the main bloke for Wednesdays. Jon was the best bloke for it as we’re already in Music Box together and good friends, so I see him all the time anyway and this makes it easier to organise things. He’s also got wonderful graphic design and technical skills which are great for the whole thing.

This is all being done under the banner London Improv, which has it’s own website www.londonimprov.co.uk. This has a sufficiently generic name that it allows the shows to sing through and is seen as an overall collaborative supporting thing that will help grow impro in London in general.

It’s not the case that London Improv is Wednesdays, Hoopla is Tuesdays, otherwise having a big collaborative thing called London Improv doesn’t make any sense as we’d just be competing against each other. I am part of London Improv, as I’m booking half of it. So both Tuesdays and Wednesdays are going to be part of London Improv, and we’re directly working together.

The main aim of London Improv is to put the groups first and get a joint effort going with promoting shows and growing improv in London.

The Hoopla name is also more strongly attached now to workshops than it is to shows and things, so gradually fading away from using that will release the groups that perform to have more control.

I’m still going to be listing shows on the Hoopla site too, as it would be silly not to seeing as it’s used lots. I’ll probably continue to list both nights of the week as they are being confirmed.

In the longer term I’m going to be focussing on putting on shows I’ve personally produced/directed on Tuesdays, as I want to personally focus on that and workshops rather than getting caught up in the admin/management of a venue over a whole week.

Hope that makes sense,


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