• solo improv with Jinni Lyons

solo improv course

A brand new 6 week course with Jinni Lyons on improvising solo!!!

Become confident with being on your own on stage, both as yourself and while playing multiple characters.

Jinni will be teaching LOADS about character. How to create them, how to move between them, and how to have them interact with each other with you playing the full cast yourself!

We’ll also be looking at spacework to create believable environments for your characters to inhabit, character monologues, editing from within, listening to yourself, keeping calm and most of all awesome solo character and scene work!

Only suitable for people with previous long-form improv experience. If you haven’t got previous long-form improv experience it’s best to do our long-form course first.

dates, time, location

Dates: Every Monday for 6 weeks from Monday 4th February 2019.

Time: 7pm – 9:30pm.

Price: £165. Either payable all at once or with an initial payment of £80 followed by the remaining £85 once the course starts.

Teacher: Jinni Lyons.

Workshop Location: The Kobi Nazrul Centre, 30 Hanbury St, London E1 6QR.

Tube: Liverpool Street.

teacher Jinni Lyons

Jinni has performed and taught improv since 2009. After starting her training with Hoopla, she went on to learn from many brilliant improv minds, including those of Cariad Lloyd (Austentatious), Mike McShane (Whose Line is it Anyway?), Jason Chin (iO), and Parallelogramophonograph (affectionately known as Pgraph).

She created her solo improv show, Jinni Lyons is an Only Child, in 2013, which she has toured nationally and internationally, including a headlining slot at the Women in Comedy Festival in Boston, USA.

She also performs with Bumper Blyton, the Destination podcast and Actor’s Nightmare, and in the Liverpool and London Improvathons.

Other performance work includes directing The Restaurant, a Nursery Theatre Original; improvising in Italian for the UK team on the Match d’Improvizzazione Mondiali tour in Italy; judging the Alan Bates Bursary Award at The Actors Centre; immersive theatre with Secret Cinema; and creating site-specific immersive shows in a caravan.


We’ll be covering a variety of topics and themes over the course, and also responding to the needs of the group.

  • Solo improv.
  • Becoming confident with being on your own on stage, whether as yourself or as characters.
  • Characterisation – SO much character work! How to create them, how to move between them, how to have them move around the stage, how to have them interact with each other.
  • Characters with different physicality, emotions and points of view.
  • Spacework – creating believable environments for your characters to inhabit, and where to look when the person you’re talking to isn’t there.
  • Character Monologues.
  • Editing from within – how to fine tune your internal body clock, how to edit scenes without a scene partner.
  • Listening to yourself, keeping calm, and keeping it simple.
  • Relationship with the audience.

The exact topics and themes will vary depending on the group and will be developed as the course goes on.