You are my best friend

This is an exercise we learnt from Keith Johnstone and is helpful for adjusting body language to be more positive and connected to each other.

Ask two improvisers to start a scene where the first line is “you are my best friend”.

Rewind and adjust body language until it feels like they really mean it.

As the scene goes on rewind and adjust moments where it feels like they are blocking the relationship to help them feel more connected.

Teacher flags up at the start that they are going to be rewound a lot, so it doesn’t feel too alarming in the actual exercise.


David: You are my best friend.

Sarah: I know.

Teacher: Rewind to the start. David please can you adjust the way you have crossed your legs so they aren’t crossed to put up a barrier between the two of you, and you are more turned towards Sarah instead of away from her.

David: You are my best friend.

Sarah: I know.

Teacher: Rewind to Sarah’s response. Sarah take a moment to really absorb that feeling, “I know” may be lessening the impact of what he said. Go from “you are my best friend.”

David: You are my best friend.

Sarah: Thank you. That means a lot to me.

Teaching Purpose

  • Agreement.
  • Delaying conflict.
  • Stepping on stage to build a relationship.
  • Body language.


Keith Johnstone.

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