Word Ball

Everyone stood in a circle. One person starts by throwing an imaginary ball to anyone else in the circle while saying any word. The receiver catches the imaginary ball, repeats the word, and then says a new word while throwing a new imaginary ball to someone else. This continues around the whole circle in any order.

Top Tips

  • There should be no judgement on what words people say, people should be free to say whatever comes to them in the moment.
  • Don’t worry if you go phases of swear words or other things you don’t usually get to say out loud. Keep going and you’ll find new levels.
  • Keep it going even when feeling stuck, just make a sound and carry on.
  • Keep a rhythm as you go.


  • Words have to be associated with each other.
  • Words have to be dissociated from each other.
  • Following themes.
  • Make a sound first and then see what word comes out.
  • Words or sounds.

Teaching Purpose

  • Saying the first thing that comes to you.
  • Listening.
  • Warming up.


We first learnt this from Alan Marriott at The Crunchy Frog Collective in London.

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