That’s Right Bob

This is a great game for practicing Yes And, especially for beginners.

Two improvisers. Both of them are working for a TV Shopping Channel and they are selling a product live to the audience. Each line starts with “That’s Right Bob” or any other name, and they are going line by line accepting and building on things about this product.


Bob: That’s right Cindi today we are selling this cocktail shaker!

Cindi: That’s right Bob, and it’s no ordinary cocktail shaker, this is the shaker that can shake itself!

Bob: That’s right Cindi, just look at this puppy go off all by itself!

[Presses a button and the cocktail shaker starts bouncing around the room].

[Cindi is holding onto the shaker and being dragged around the room].

Cindi: Bobbbbb!!!!!!!

Bob: That’s right Cindi, I’ll have a vodka martini, shaken not stirred.

Top Tips

Try to accept and build on what’s just been said, it’s not just a collection of random features, let one thing lead to another. To help this try using one of the words the other person just said in your line.


We originally learnt this from Katy Schutte or John Cremer in The Maydays.

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