Tai Chi

This is a lovely game to get the group connected together and supporting each other. It also teaches giving up control on stage.

A group of around 5 improvisers stand in formation on stage as if they are doing a Tai Chi class. They are all facing the same direction. Whoever is in front moves however they want, inventing Tai Chi moves. The rest of the class copy them. Every now and then the group turn and face a new direction, so a new person is in front and leading the group. As they go on this becomes more fluid until there is nobody really leading and the group are finding it themselves.

For variety you can also underscore with relaxing music.

This game was invented when we were doing parkprov in Hyde Park just after the 2021 lockdown. The park had various acting, dance, singing and exercise classes that weren’t yet allowed back inside. Along the lake from our improv class was a real Tai Chi class and it looked so beautiful we decided to copy it.


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