Environment build one by one

An exercise for establishing location/where of the scene through object and space work.

Teacher gets a suggestion for a location, for example an office.

First improvisers goes up and mimes one object in the office and interacts with it, for instance a photocopier, then leaves the stage.

Second improviser gets up and interacts with the first object (the photocopier) and then adds a new object to the stage, for instance a desk.

Third improviser gets up and interacts with the first two objects (photocopier and desk) and adds a third object, for instance a stapler.

This continues until everyone has been, until the last person is interacting with all previous objects before adding one last object.

Top tips

  • Keep track of where the objects are, especially if they move.
  • Treat the object and space work with precision.
  • Give objects width and weight, for instance a mobile phone would have a weight in the palm of your hand and you would press the screen a bit above where your palm is not on your palm.
  • You can come into the environment with character or attitude, it doesn’t have to be done in neutral.
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