Bunny Bunny

This is probably one of the most popular warm up games ever.

The whole group stand in one massive circle.

Level 1:

One person says “Bunny Bunny” while miming bunny ears with their hands to themself, and then says “Bunny Bunny” again while miming bunny hands pointing to someone else in the circle.

The person pointed to says “Bunny Bunny” to themself with bunny ears and then “Bunny Bunny” and points to someone else.

The game continues with everyone passing around the circle.

Level 2:

The same as Level 2 but in a rhythm “bunny bunny, bunny bunny, bunny bunny, bunny bunny.”

Level 3:

Keep the “Bunny Bunny” bit going but now the two people either side of the person saying “Bunny Bunny” turn and face them and say “Ticky Tocky Ticky Tocky” while jumping side to side with their hands in the air.

Level 4:

Keep everything from Level 1,2,3 but while people are waiting to say “Bunny Bunny” or “Ticky Tocky Ticky Tocky” they swap and swap hands from knee to knee while saying “Ooh ah, ooh ah.”

Yes it is as crazy as it sounds, we’ve never actually written it down before!

Teaching purpose

  • Warm ups.
  • Group connection.
  • Being happy with making mistakes.
  • Focus.


We originally learnt it from the Easy Action team from Montreal Improv. They improvise an improvised action movie that is probably one of the best improv shows we’ve ever seen and was hugely influential on Hoopla and the London improv scene.

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