Agreement Scenes

The simplest way to start scenes is to start with agreement on one of these things:

  • Agreement on location.
  • Agreement on activity.
  • Agreement on relationship.
  • Agreement on emotion.
  • Agreement on character.
  • Agreement on atmosphere.

As an exercise the teacher states what agreement we are looking for and the two improvisers find that agreement at the start of the scene. This agreement at the start of the scene connects the improvisers and they are then free to play with what comes up.

You can play with agreement scenes on one thing at a time. It should feel simple and unpressured to the improvisers.


Agreement on location

[Improviser 1 enters the stage and puts a towel down on the stage and lies down.]

[Improvisers 2 enters the stage and lies next to Improviser 1 and starts putting suntan cream on before lying down with a cocktail.]

Improviser 1: Yup.

Improviser 2: Yup.

Improviser 1: This is the life.

Improvisers 2: Corfu. Yup.

Improviser 1: What is this is the time we actually stay here, you know? Fuck work right!

Improviser 2: Fuuuuccckkkkk workkk!!

They have successfully started a scene by agreeing on location!

Agreement on atmosphere

[Improviser 1 enters the stage slowly, glancing around the stage slowly with eyes half closed.]

[Improviser 2 enters behind them, slightly lower, and even more cautious.]

Improviser 2: I can feel them, they are out there, I can’t see them, but they are out there.

Improviser 1: Yes. They might be watching us right now. They can sense movement, so move slowly.

Improviser 2: I am. I feel like running, but I know I can’t out run them.

Improviser 1: Nothing can out run a velociraptor.

They have successfully started a scene by agreeing on atmosphere!

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