5 Rush In

This game is really good for teaching immediate support and agreement on stage. It teaches the spirit of improvisation, it’s not necessarily how you would start every scene and game.

5 people are on the sides of the stage.

One person steps on stage and says and does something that immediately establishes a location or situation for the scene.

Everyone else immediately rushes in and say and do things that back up that location or situation.

Then it’s immediately over, you aren’t playing a whole group scene, it is just about the immediate enthusiastic support and agreement for whatever happens first on stage.

Go again and again so that everyone in the group gets to initiate.

Teaching Purpose

Immediate and enthusiastic agreement and support for the first thing that happens on stage.


Improviser 1: Quick everyone hide, the birthday girl is coming!

Everyone else rushes in holding chairs and hides behind them.

Improviser 2: Sshhhhh!

Improviser 3: She’s coming into the living room any second!!!

Improviser 4: I can’t wait!!!

Improviser 2: Ssshhhh!!!

Improviser 5 (miming coming in through a door): Hello?

All: Surprise! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to Abbigelaaaa, Happy Birthday to you!


You can play it with various amounts of people. It doesn’t have to be 5.


We originally learnt it from fantastic comedian and improviser Luisa Omielan.


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