Perform more

Perform more

I loved the Friday Night Impro Party, thanks for all who came. What was lovely was that for many people there it was there first ever time performing impro.

It struck me as how important it was to perform impro in order to learn it. You could do loads of courses and workshops with loads of people, but until you’re actually performing in front of an audience it doesn’t really come to life. Once people are performing the workshops suddenly have meaning.

I know I’ve been blogging lots about where to perform impro in London at the moment, but here’s some more:

Check out our website,
Check out Crunchy Frog Collective,
Check out Casting Call Pro website, they have loads of jobs, mix of unpaid and paid, popping up
Student Films, I just did one of these and was surprised at how much impro popped up in the physical stuff
Starting your own group
Stand up circuit
You Tube

Loads more, I just put them on as I think of them.

I’m also a big fan of using impro in other activities. I just did a scripted student film, but the impro stuff came into play lots and loved it.

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