Music Box and The Miller more fun than the whole of Australia

Music Box and The Miller

Just realised the ingredients that make a blog happen:

1 show at The Miller
1 pint of Becks Vier
1 Northern Line train back to Morden
1 lack of Evening Standards laying around to read

Currently lost ipod though so no David Bowie and Phantom of the Opera to keep me happy.

I’ve got a thing about Manly Bay in Australia.
I know that there is such a place as Manly Bay in Austalia, just a short ferry ride from Sydney, where you can surf and it’s always warm and get out into the countryside and you can get into the city. The people are really healthy and the food is amazing.

So why don’t I move there?

London Bridge is currently dark, cold, rainy and busy with traffic and people shuffling back from work, while the ghostly image of the half built Shard looms above.

But I’d rather be in The Miller doing an impro show than Manly Bay.

If I was in Manly Bay laying on the beach after a surfing session, eating prawns, I’d just be thinking “I wonder how that Music Box show in The Miller is going”.

Music Box is really good fun. Some of the craziest characters ever and stuff actually happens. This evening I apparently planted dynamite in the church using my young carnival bride, made a confession to a missionary priest, spoke to Jesus, and danced to raise the dead. You can’t do that in Manly Bay, what a shit hole!

The next Music Box show is going to be immense! Wednesday 2nd March. One half of cabaret followed by one half of Music Box.

Sometimes I invite people to shows and spread word because I have to, but one Wednesday 2nd March it’s because I really really genuinely think it will be such an amazing evening that I don’t want anyone to miss out. I want to put on loads of shows I feel that way about.

So far we’ve got booked poetry, comedy, science demos, music, dance, a card ninja and opera. Can’t wait.

Now I’m at Balham, almost at Morden. There is something reassuringly shit about South London and the Northern Line. You’re not really going to get any inspiration or enjoyment from the natural environment, so you have to seek out new things and create your own world instead.

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