Lots of stuff happening at once

Lots of stuff happening at once


Lot’s of things going on at the same time at the moment which is very exciting.

We’ve got the shows at The Miller starting tomorrow with Fingers on Buzzards, and then we also have The Maydays performing with us next Tuesday which is awesome. I currently have two massive boxes of flyers sat in the hallway ready for distribution so I really really hope it takes it off. I’m excited, just hope that spreads.

Also Music Box which I’m part of have been meeting up and rehearsing. We’ve got our first show in ages next week at The Troubadour so looking forward to that. Also there is a chance we might be performing some nights at something called Theatre Delicattessen, or a better spelt version of that anyway. Then going onto some bigger things next year. Becca ran an excellent workshop tonight on being truthful, and some serious scenes came out including someone reading a letter that they had got over their cancer scare, and me reading a letter that I hadn’t got into Brits school and the other players dealing with this seriously. I don’t think I could do this with another bunch of actors as there is a huge amount of trust going on in the group.

Also…I’m finding some really helpful and suitable pubs this week that are really suitable for ongoing workshop and show venues. So I think the Saturday workshops are going to become weekly events. I just feel like there is so much I want to do in classes that they have to happen otherwise I might pop.

Again left with overwhelming feelings of what a beautiful thing it is we do. We aim to make the audience laugh and enjoy themselves, enjoy ourselves, get on with each other and create something from nothing. Slightly sentimental I know but there you go it’s important to me.

Have I done my big screen rant on this blog? I can’t remember, well I’ll do it again anyway – DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH TIME WE SPEND LOOKING AT SCREENS PER DAY? It’s shocking. I know that’s so hypocritical to say that in a blog, but it’s shocking.

The Times reported back in January 2009 that children are spending twice as much time in front of a TV or computer screen as in the classroom. On average British children spend five hours and 18 minutes watching television, playing computer games or online each day. The total of 2,000 hours a year compares with 900 hours in class and 1,270 hours with their parents. They spend longer looking at crap made by morons (like me) than they do looking at their own parents.

Have you read 4 Arguments for the Elimination of Television? I really suggest reading it.

I honestly and genuinely think drama is incredibly important, and not just because I do it. Where everyone is looking at screens for most of their conscious hours I think having a period of time where you have to look at another person and converse with them for no reason is incredibly important. I actually think it should be up there on school curriculums alongside maths and english, not a kind of bastard offspring.

Don’t start me on my alcohol industry/loud music rant by the way.

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