• Lauren Shearing

Lauren Shearing

Each season we invite in a special guest teacher and give them total creative freedom to teach experienced improvisers the skills they need to take things to a professional level.

And this season we have……..Lauren Shearing from Austentatious, Showstoppers AND The Playground!!!

Lauren will be teaching a course of her own design: Trust me, I’m an improviser.

At the very heart of improvisation is trust; trust in yourself, your scene partners, and the moments that you are creating together. This 4-6 week online course will focus on the idea that you are enough, and allow you the freedom to improvise with renewed confidence and connection in a safe and creative setting.

We’ll look at trusting your instincts to know what is needed moment to moment in an improv scene or narrative piece; whether it is time to follow the fun, or to dig down into emotional connection. With exercises focusing on a broad range of improv skills, you’ll leave with your tool-belt full of options, and the ability to know which ones to deploy and when; is it time for a comedy hammer, or more of a heartfelt wrench?

An intensive 4-6 week course for experienced improvisers in which we’ll focus on trusting yourself, your instincts, and each other to build truly rewarding and imaginative improv scenes and stories.

This course is suitable for experienced improvisers. If you are totally new to improv it would be best to start with our beginners improv course first.

online version:


Every Wednesday for 6 weeks from Wednesday 13th January 2021. SOLD OUT

Every Wednesday for 4 weeks from Wednesday 11th November 2020. SOLD OUT

Time: 7pm – 9pm each week.

Price: £175.

Teacher: Lauren Shearing.

Venue: Online using zoom. All details for login for zoom will be emailed to participants on the day of the first workshop.

The above course is online:

1. Book your place on this page.

2. On the day of the first workshop we will email you log-in for the zoom chat.

3. You then click on the link in the email to join the zoom chat and enter password.

4. You will just need a laptop with camera and internet connection, everything else will be in the link. Laptops work better than ipads and phones for improv over Zoom.

5. Don’t worry if you haven’t used Zoom before, we start the first session with an overview of how to use it.

lauren shearing

Lauren is a cast member of Austentatious: An improvised Jane Austen Novel and the Olivier-award winning Showstopper! The Improvised Musical, two of the biggest improv shows in the UK with regular performances on the West End and in theatres nationwide.

She is also a regular guest with the world renowned improv troupe The Comedy Store Players and also with The Yes Queens at The Boulevard Theatre.

She is one half of improv double act Breaking & Entering with Maria Peters, and one third of three-woman improv troupe Anxiety Club with Charlotte Gittins and Briony Redman.

Lauren is also a co-founder of The Playground, a sell-out night of improvisation at Hoopla Impro that showcases new female talent and brings together some of the most experienced improvisers in the country. She’s built a vibrant community of improvisers and turned The Playground into Hoopla’s most popular show.

She trained at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and at iO Theatre Chicago.