Improv Socials

The Great Big Impro(v) Picnic, Sunday 26th August 2018

The fifth annual Great Big Impro(v) Picnic is happening on Sunday 26th August 2018 from 1pm.

We’ll be based in a field near the pedalo station on the north bank of The Serpentine in Hyde Park. There will be lots of us so we’ll be easy to spot.

All improvisers and their chums, family and loved ones welcome. Everyone welcome.

Please bring food, drinks, guitars, games, weird outdoor sports, balls with fins attached, frisbees and yourself.

There will be a big team photo happening at around 5pm too, bring your best catalogue pose.

Also there will be a wet weather location option just in case, we’ll add that here if it looks like rain, although it will definitely be sunny cloudless and perfect!

Lots of love, Steve Roe and Jules Munns.

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