Improv Coaches

Having an outside eye for your improv group can be really helpful.

Coaches can give helpful feedback, design exercises for your group, and provide ongoing creative direction.

Most of our teaching team and many of our regular performers are available to come and coach your improv team.

If you’re interested in getting a coach for your team please contact us with the following:

  • Description of your team and what type of improv you do.
  • Contact details for your team.
  • Cast list for your team.
  • Current performance experience.
  • How much coaching you are looking for and how often.
  • Preferred coaching days and times if known.
  • If there are any coaches from our teaching or performing team that you already had in mind.
  • We’ll then introduce you to a suitable coach on email.

Please note that coaching fees do vary person to person so you would have to arrange that directly with them, and payment would be arranged independently with them and not through Hoopla.

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