Hoopla UK & Ireland Improv Festival

Hoopla UK & Ireland Improv Festival

We will be gathering the best groups in the UK & Ireland in one place, Hoopla Impro! From Friday 26th – Saturday 27th April 2019.

The weekend will be a mix of headline acts and new groups from around the UK & Ireland who are looking to perform to a big London audience plus some of  London’s top acts will also be performing! Including The Actor’s Nightmare, Music Box and The Committee!

We are especially looking for Acts who represent the brilliant diversity in the UK & Ireland!

But wait that’s not all! Hoopla will be offering performers of the festival Free Improv Workshops with Hoopla teachers on Saturday 27th April during the day.   And we will be running a Networking event before Saturday night’s show and performers will be allowed to watch all the shows for free.

The rundown for the weekend will look a little like this:

Friday 26th April:  

  • Shows from 8pm – 11pm with two intervals.  Brighton troupe The Maydays!! Have already been confirmed and will be performing their awesome show Happily Never After!

Saturday 27th April:

  • Workshops during the day, venue & times tbc.
  • Networking event at The Miller before the shows start.
  • Shows from 5 pm – 11 pm with four to five intervals.
  • And a BIG Improv party downstairs in The Miller from 11 pm – 1 am!

Hoopla won’t be receiving any funding to run the festival, the costs we will incur will be subsidised by our courses.  We can offer to pay acts (outside of London) the following:  Headline groups doing 30-40mins £200 and groups doing 15mins sets £50.  We hope this will cover a good chunk of their travel expenses.

If you love the sound of all of this and want to take part in Hoopla’s UK & Ireland improv festival here is how to apply:

Send an email to Angela at [email protected] with the following info:

  • Group Name:
  • Description of your act including your format:
  • Tell me a little bit about your group, including shows/festival you have performed at and any fun facts:
  • If you had to recommend another act to perform at this festival (that isn’t yours cheeky) who would you choose and why?
  • Social media or website links: (if you have any)
  • And an Image of your team that can be used for promotion.

Deadline for applications has now been extended to 15th January 2019

Why are we doing this you may wonder..? Because through the Hoopla Marathon and our students and teachers we have learnt just how amazing our community is! It’s not just about making stuff up, but also about friendships, helping others and so much more!  And we want to share this with as many improvisers far and wide to help connect us all.  Here’s to many more Hoopla Festivals 😀  


This Blog was written by Angela Pollard, Hoopla’s Show Producer. 

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