Hoopla Teachers at The Edinburgh Fringe. Edinburgh Fringe Recommendations 2017

There are more Hoopla teachers than ever performing at Edinburgh this summer in a variety of AMAZING shows! We wish them a healthy happy sunny Edinburgh!

If you’d like to check them out here are all the links to their shows:

Max Dickins: The Committee and The Man on the Moor.
Katy Schutte: Schutte the Unromantic and The Maydays Happily Never After.

Maria Peters: The Science of Cringe.

Heather Urquhart: Showstoppers The Improvised Musical and The Maydays Happily Never After.

James Witt: Brexit The Musical.

Susan Harrison and Lauren Shearing: Showstoppers The Improvised Musical.

Chris Mead, Jenny Rowe and Liz Peters: The Maydays Happily Never After.

Sally Hodgkiss: The Committee.

Rhiannon Vivian: Rhiannon Vivian’s Office Meltdown.

Jinni Lyons and Jonah Fazel: Bumper Blyton Improvised Adventure.

Blog by Steve Roe, Director of Hoopla Impro. Improv courses, shows and improv comedy club in London, UK.
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