Honkasaurus Rex

Honkasaurus Rex


This game is basically the same as New Choice but instead of the host shouting “New Choice” three members of the audience on the front row honk horns whenever they want and that makes the actors change their last line.

For more details please see the New Choice page.


Show Introduction

“This is called Honkasaurus Rex. Two actors are going to attempt to improvise a scene but whenever one of these horns sound they have to change what they last said. What a lovely looking forward row we have! (Hands out the horns) Can you honk the horn?  Great they work! Now all we need to get started is an occupation to inspire the first scene.”


Additional Tips for Playing

  • The host should also have a horn just in case the audience members need encouraging to honk more often. 
  • Start the scene pretty normal, as the game will make it weird all by itself.
  • Try to establish relationship, location and activity in the first couple of lines so you have something to play with.
  • Try to speak in bold statements instead of being vague, so there is something fun to new choice.
  • Say the first thing that comes to you even if it seems wrong, you can justify it afterwards.
  • Have fun!



This exercise is in the following categories:



Justifying and incorporating mistakes.



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