Happy and Excited.

Happy and Excited.

It’s 4:43am and I’m still awake from the Hoopla Impro Party/Impro Jam. It made me happy and excited, and made me laugh lots. I loved it, proper love.

Which got me thinking…

When performing it’s probably best to pursue the things that make you happy and excited, ‘cos if you don’t feel happy and excited, then why the hell should the audience feel happy and excited? So either way you’re not going to go very far without feeling happy and excited about things.

I’m currently planning all my to-dos on a massive notice board I have in my sitting room. One of the pieces of A4 is a meticulously planned career plan into stand-up comedy including a sequence of stand up comedy competitions, Edinburgh and awards.

I’m ripping it up. The piece of paper doesn’t make me happy or excited. In fact it makes me feel bored and bored and fake.

I am going to at some point though do another show at The Miller involving no plan, a drum kit, and some cream cakes – that makes me happy and excited.

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