First Thursday in new venue

First Thursday in new venue

That was awesome!

We had our first Thursday workshop in the new venue last night and it went really well. Thanks to everyone for coming and making it special. It was great to actually see everyone’s faces with actual real lights! Hurrah. Also there is a kitchen so I’m going to bring tea and milk and biscuits next week.

We did a fun session around the theme of Yes And. I’ve written up the notes and they are doing on the downloads area of the resources section of this website. Feel free to use them how you will. I won’t write about them here as it’s too long.

I’m really happy with what Thursday offers, and think it will hook in well with what I’m going to try and do at some Saturday sessions. I’m going to really go in depth on stuff with the Saturday sessions, I’ve built up loads of ideas over the years at Thursdays so can’t wait to share them.

Also some people said they are reading this blog, which is fun because I thought it was just me in my pants at a laptop. I’m going to try and make it actually useful as it goes. The workshop notes I think would be good for this too.

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