Fingers on Buzzards

Fingers on Buzzards

It was the first night at The Miller last night and it opened with Fingers on Buzzards – it was so awesome!

For a start the bar staff are really friendly and helpful and very encouraging of what we’re doing there. There are now posters and flyers all over the place and it’s all on their website, so it looks like the kind of venue to bring people in which is excellent news for us and all the groups performing there.

Fingers on Buzzards was excellent, it’s a great concept because it effectively does impro inside out in places. Rather than the audience giving a suggestion and the actors acting it out, and the actors improvise and the audience have to work out the suggestion. Also there are questions on the scenes afterwards, Krypton Factor style, this means that even if scenes get confusing it becomes part of the game. Our team in the audience ended up writing lines down as they said – you don’t usually get that much audience focus! The hosts are great characters too.

Currently thinking of Saturday workshop, going to be going whole hog with preparation to become the definitive one day narrative workshop!

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