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festival workshops

These workshops are for the performers at Hoopla’s UK & Ireland Improv Festival and are designed to bring together improvisers from different groups, to help connect them together and explore different improv styles.

The workshops are officially free, as our way of saying thank you to groups for traveling so far, but you can also leave a donation when booking if you’d like to help us cover costs of running the festival.

If you are looking for the shows happening during our festival weekend please go to our improv comedy club page.

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Day: Saturday 27th April 2019.

Times: 11am – 1pm and 2pm – 4pm.

Cost: Free or optional donation.

Workshop Venues: The Nursery Training Centre (6th Floor) and So & So (4th Floor), both in Capital House, 42 Weston Street, London, SE1 3QD.

Tube: London Bridge.

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Chris Mead and Jon Monkhouse

Theatrical Improv

11am - 1pm, 6th Floor

This workshop is about OWNING the stage as a team. It’s about making improv big and bold and unashamedly theatrical. It’s about dialogue delivered with the confidence of the written word, movement that seems choreographed, plot twists and revelations that no one saw coming (least of all the performers). Ultimately it’s about raising your performance level, making even more interesting choices and leaning into the idea of improv as art. By the end of the workshop, we’ll have you walking on stage and improvising with a deep-rooted sense of focus and flair.

Teacher: Chris Mead (Hoopla Teacher, The Maydays, Project2).

Steve Roe Lobster

The Meisner Technique for Improvisers

11am - 1pm, 6th Floor

The highlights of the Meisner Technique applied to improv in a fun light hearted way. Repetition exercises. Emotional calls. Independent activities and emotional preparation. Living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.

An exceptionally good technique for being totally in the present moment with the other person.

Teacher: Steve Roe (Director of Hoopla).

Maria Peters

Creating kick ass environment on stage

11am - 1pm, 4th Floor

You may be bored of seeing 2 people standing in the middle of the stage and talking at each other. Be inspired by your physical world whilst keeping relationship at the heart of your scene.

Teacher: Maria Peters (Hoopla Teacher, The Playground, Breaking & Entering).

Autumn red leaf with cut heart in a hand

Get into trouble. Fall in love.

2pm - 4pm, 6th Floor

The most important thing on an improv stage is your scene partner.

So logically, as the only other real, living, breathing thing in the scene, your relationship to them is of the utmost importance. You can transform your improv by learning to forge an emotional connection with them.

Feel something – deeply, irrationally, completely and see how your scenes blossom in delightful and unfathomable ways.

This workshop will teach you a half-dozen performance grade techniques that you can use immediately to get out of your head and improvise from your heart. Whether you know your fellow improviser well or are playing with them for the first time, harness the life-changing power of giving a good goddamn about them.

Teacher: Chris Mead (Hoopla Teacher, The Maydays, Project2).


Dreamweaver Quartet

Musical Improv with Dreamweaver

2pm - 4pm, 4th Floor

Dreamweaver Quartet improvise a musical based on the dreams of the audience. Characters and stories interweave with musical soundscapes in a beautiful dreamlike world. Come and learn how to improvise songs inspired by your dreams.

Teachers: James Witt (Hoopla Teacher, Dreamweaver) and Rick Simpson (Dreamweaver).

DragProv2 sq

Musical Improv with Chesca Forristal from Dragprov and Jordan Clarke from Showstoppers!

2pm - 4pm, 6th Floor

Chesca performs with Dragprov, Criminal and Oxford Imps. Jordan with Showstoppers, Mischief Theatre and Whose Line Is It Anyway live show. Come join them on Saturday afternoon and have some fun improvising songs in various genres.

Teachers: Chesca Forristal and Jordan Clarke.