Edinburgh Blog 9: Edinburgh Advice 308: You will get ill anyway, so you might as well drink

Edinburgh Blog 9

So we’ve now passed over the half way point. And bang on the half way point I got the Edinburgh Flu, and spent a couple of days in bed curled up under a duvet reading sci-fi, hence the lack of blog recently.

This was after one of my earlier blogs that actually listed my methods for avoiding Edinburgh Lurgy. I was actually going out of my way to stay healthy, and had such mantras as “if you look after yourself, the show looks after itself”. And I STILL GOT ILL AT EXACTLY THE SAME POINT!

The morale of this tale is:

1. Drink lots.

2. Stay up late.

3. Eat dodgy late night takeaway food.

4. Be as sociable as you possibly can.

Because you’re going to become ill half way through the festival, so you might as well have fun doing it.

Also I did one of the shows when I was ill and actually I played one of my favourite characters (a crab with a dodgy claw and dreams of dancing). It was probably because I cared less about it. Comedy is like that, when it really matters and feels important it can freeze up, but when you just don’t care anymore it actually becomes more fun.

In other news we had some reviews out including one from Three Weeks, which now means I can use the quote “Joyfully Silly” on our posters. I like that. In fact I might even ask for that to be put on my gravestone. I’m not dead yet though, Edinburgh flu isn’t that bad.

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