Blogs seem to mainly happen after Shotgun shows and two pints of Becks, so here it is.

Fun Shotgun show this evening, especially the second half which is the open scenes bit. I played an Earwig that had been recruited by the MI5 as a spy and blown up to human proportions, particularly proud of that. Every time I said “I’m an Earwig” in a rude boy voice people laughed, so I kept saying it. Pretty simple game really which I like.

Good news is that Shotgun and Music Box are both going to be performing every Friday night at London Zoo throughout the summer. Part of their Zoo Lates events where people get to visit the zoo in the evening and also see a range of entertainment. We’re going to be in a theatre in the aquarium, super excited about it and just the sort of colourful thing we want to be involved.

Also Music Box are also going to be doing some shows in Reading, in fact there seems to be a string of paid gigs popping up which has shown me the massive potential for impro outside the small world of the actual London impro community.

There are some really cool people and venues out there with audiences ready to go so now is the time to get it out there. In fact I can see the future advantage of music box having a dedicated agent/promoter/booker so we’ll be on the look out for such people in Edinburgh.

Other news is the posters at The Miller have changed to the London Improv style. Obviously a massive impact to the world that one. I’m surprised it’s not on the most read section of BBC News. Seriously the consequences of that move will be felt for generations as it echoes through civilization.

By the time Kurt Cobain was my age he was dead.

Other news is that even with two nights at The Miller there are still way more groups than there are spaces. So pleased don’t be offended/disappointed/left out if you’re not getting to do your thang there.

Also please under no circumstances wait for approval/space/whatever from me or others before putting a show together and doing it. Again there is more groups than space at The Miller so just start doing things now and don’t wait for anything. There are audiences out there, you just have to work hard/smart to find them, keep them and grow them.

On another note check out The RH Experience, they do impro on youtube, which seems like a very good idea.

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